Paul Lizzi's New Music Video reaches 100k views on Tik Tok in 24 hours!


Paul Lizzi released a new music video, fans eagerly anticipating its release, hitting over 100k views in the first week on socials.

@msdongan [Andiamo]PΛUL░LIZZI Artist @PΛUL░LIZZI #paullizzi #musicvideo #msdongan ♬ Andiamo - Paul Lizzi

Yesterday, PAUL LIZZI released the music video for their new single, [ANDIAMO]. The video, which was directed by Allen Forouhar & FCP Studios, features popular influencer @msdongan and @mgannilizzi. Official pictures by @terryjoophotography.


Fans of PAUL LIZZI have been eagerly anticipating the release of the music video, and it did not disappoint. The video showcases PAUL LIZZI's unique style and visually stunning aesthetic, and the song is a catchy, upbeat track that is sure to be a hit.

In addition to the music video, PAUL LIZZI also announced that they will be launching a limited edition NFT collection. The collection will include a variety of digital art and collectibles related to the [ANDIAMO] video and PAUL LIZZI's music.

The release of the [ANDIAMO] music video and the accompanying NFT collection is just the latest example of PAUL LIZZI's innovative approach to creating and sharing their art. PAUL LIZZI has always been known for pushing the boundaries and experimenting with new technologies and platforms, and this latest project is no exception.

Overall, the release of the [ANDIAMO] music video and the accompanying NFT collection is an exciting event for fans of PAUL LIZZI and for anyone interested in the intersection of music and technology. It's clear that PAUL LIZZI is at the forefront of this exciting new chapter in the music industry, and we can't wait to see what he will do next.